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about iraq serv

Iraq Serv

We started in early 2007 and is considered one of the oldest hosting companies in Iraq and its various fields. We provide services in many areas, including website hosting, Reseller hosting, VPS servers for Linux and Windows, Dedicated Server, and many other services, which contribute actively to increasing the Iraqi and Arab presence On the network in terms of quantity and quality motivated by our passion for technology and various web solutions with a vision to keep pace with developing web applications and using the latest protection and security systems on the Internet, our company is proud of its standards and high-quality solutions provided to users while leaving space for open source programs for developers as one of the most important safe options.

Our Message

Using modern technologies to increase our customers’ presence on the Internet thanks to the innovative environment in which we are committed to providing everything new at a reasonable price and exceptional service.

Our Mission

We always try to find new solutions and commit ourselves to providing everything new and unique to achieve the success of our customers and transparency in seeking to achieve the confidence of our customers and ensure their rights and care, we are convinced that caring for our customers is one of the most important factors of our success.

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide advanced and modern services for Iraqi digital content, especially in web programming and application design to compete in the Arab and global market and attract the highest rates of visits and viewing of this content.

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