Shared Web Hosting

we offers secure and stable shared web hosting on ultra-fast servers with SSD disks.

Shared Hosting

Shared Web Hosting Plans.

Super fast shared web hosting.

Economic Plan

30,000 Visits Monthly



Basic Plan

60,000 Visits Monthly



Advanced Plan

120,000 Visits Monthly



Business Plan

240,000 Visits Monthly



All Shared Web Hosting plans include.

Shared Web Hosting Features.

Strong Infrastructure

An advanced hosting system with a strong infrastructure to make it the best in safety and stability.


Our servers have a high level security system that ensures their work without interruption.

Uptime Guarantee

We guarantee the stability of your site in terms of providing servers with high capacity with SSD technology and strong connection speed.

Automated Backups

And let go of the worry of losing the site, we do a daily, weekly and monthly backup preserve your site.

24/7 Support

We have a professional technical support team available around the clock to follow up the sites and ensure they operate at the best level.

Automated Backups

And let go of the worry of losing the site, we do a daily, weekly and monthly backup preserve your site.

Shared Web Hosting FAQs.

Shared hosting is a type of hosting as it consists of a dedicated space that you buy that allows several websites to share the same web server resources between sites hosted on the same server, as shared hosting gives you a specific space within the server or server to host your site on other sites hosted on the same server .

Yes, you can get email hosting on all shared hosting plans through Cpanel website dashboard.

The company maintains daily, weekly and monthly backup copies to restore the ability to work after any disasters, and upon your request we may be able to restore your website, e-mail and database content according to availability. However, we advise you to take full responsibility for your backups and not to rely on the company to keep copies of your content safe.

Yes, this is done with the technical support department, as soon as possible, so that your business will not be disrupted.

Of course, you can upgrade your plan at any time by opening a ticket in your account at the technical support center. The required plan will be upgraded with all the features described for the plan and within less than 5 minutes without your site being affected or stopped, as soon as you approve the new plan and pay its value.

Yes, in order to install an SSL certificate on hosting, you need to contact our support team and the installation will be done immediately for free.


Your website hosting!

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