SSL Certificates

We offer SSL Certificates, known as Secure Connect Certificates, protect your and your customers’ data and help raise your site’s ranking in search engines.

SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates​ Plans.

Choose the SSL plan that match your needs.

Small Certificate

Suitable for Personal Websites.


Business Certificate

Suitable for E-Marketing Websites.


Advanced Certificate

Suitable for Large Business Websites.


Get Benefits With SSL Certificates.

SSL Certificates Features.

Data Encryption

Certificates is very important to protect and encrypt data such as bank cards and passwords.

Information Protection

By using this secure communication protocol, you guarantee and protect the data of your customers and members of your website.

Increased SEO Ranking

When installing Certificates you will notice the improvement of your site’s ranking and progress in the search engines.

SSL Certificates FAQs.

It is short for Secure Socket Layer, and it is the secure communication layer that connects between the website user and the server.

The domain name cannot be changed after the certificate is issued.

Depending on the type of certificate, mostly usually takes several minutes but can take several hours.

The security certificate encrypts the data sent and received between the visitor and the site, which means that it only protects against sniffers’ attacks, which view the contents of the sent data, and thus capture passwords and credit card numbers.

Yes, in order to install an certificate on hosting, you need to contact our support team and the installation will be done immediately for free.


Free SSL Certificate.

Get a free SSL when you sign up for one of our shared hosting services.

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