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Radio hosting services with the best quality and without interruption.

Radio Hosting

Radio Hosting Plans.

Start your radio station and make it your own project to connect with your listeners.

Small Radio


Personal Radio


Business Radio


Advanced Radio


All Radio Hosting plans include.

Radio Hosting Features.

Instant Setup

You can start using the radio directly without any delay or pre-settings as HTML code is provided that you can use anywhere you want within your website design.

Auto DJ

With auto DJ feature, which provides the ability to broadcast without being on your device or on your site, through the space we provide for you to upload your audio files and broadcast them directly.

Broadcast Speed

The service is characterized by a high transmission speed and no interruption, and this speed does not conflict with the speed of your Internet and you do not need a high Internet speed.

Live Broadcast

We support the direct broadcast feature from the computer to play audio files and broadcast via Shoutcast V1,2 / Icecast v2 / Winamp.

Control Panel

We provide a full-featured control panel that allows the customer to fully control everything he needs to manage the broadcast.

Technical Support

We provide technical support 24/7 to serve you in implementing your requests and quickly solving your problems.

Radio Hosting FAQs.

Radio hosting service or Internet radio is a service that enables you to broadcast and transmit audio either through direct broadcasting via the microphone or broadcasting audio files from the server directly to the listeners, which makes you able to deliver your voice or audio files to anywhere in the world.

You can upload your MPS audio files through the control panel.

1- The media material that is broadcast is the responsibility of the client and IraqServ does not bear any responsibility. 2- It is forbidden to use radio for political purposes and to offend all monotheistic religions. 3- It is forbidden to use the hosting spaces designated for radio work for any other purposes.

The radio service works automatically without downloading any files.

The radio has no effect on your site speed, it is just an external connection to the radio server.

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