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All Windows VPS Hosting plans include.

Windows VPS Hosting Features.

SSD Disks

All servers work on SSD disks that guarantee high performance compared to regular disks.

Remote Desktop Connection

Full Control By logging into Remote Desktop, you can run any software you need.

Windows Licensed

We offer the latest version of Windows, licensed from Microsoft, that can be updated.

Windows VPS Hosting FAQs.

We provide both Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2016 to all of our VPS Windows servers.

You are first and foremost responsible for backing up your web content. It is recommended that you keep copies of your content securely and create backups of your own. You can take a backup copy of the system or use a remote backup solution.

Free management includes the following services: 1. Free of charge checking the hardware of the server to ensure full safety of the parts before delivering it to the customer. 2. Free to install the server operating system. 3. Free to solve hardware problems. 4. Free to solve network and connection problems. 5. Free recovery of login data for the server. 6. Free to restart the server in the event of suspension. 7. Free reinstallation of the system.

We do not offer any server demos, but you can contact us in case you have any questions before your request for one of the plans or offers on the site.

Usually, the VPS servers are delivered immediately and directly after receiving the payment on the site. But sometimes the delivery of the server requires an intervention from us. If you find any wrong information or request to create it, verify the requestor. If the request is not verified, the server will be delivered immediately.

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