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Best vps hosting plans for your project

Linux Bronze

4 cores CPU
100 GB SSD Storage
 1 IP Address
Unmetered bandwidth

$25 /month

Linux Silver

6 cores CPU
200 GB SSD Storage
 1 IP Address
Unmetered bandwidth

$35 /month

Linux Gold

8 cores CPU
300 GB SSD Storage
 2 IP Address
Unmetered bandwidth

$45 /month

Linux Platinum

12 cores CPU
500 GB SSD Storage
 2 IP Address
Unmetered bandwidth

$55 /month

Virtual Private Servers Include

VPS Features


Instant Setup

When you request one of our virtual servers, we will activate it for you in a short time.

Full Root Access

The possibility of full control through SSH access to make it easy for you to run any software or add scripts to your site.


Safety Standards

Security and privacy are among the most important features that we work on, so we provide you with the highest standards

Technical Support

We provide technical support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Uptime Guarantee

We guarantee you the service work with a 99.9% uptime rate, no interruptions and no slowdowns in our servers.


Our servers are subject to a 24/7 monitoring system where your sites are working 24 hours a day without stopping.

Frequently Asked Questions

VPS stands for three words, Virtual Private Server, VPS is a type of sub-server that is obtained by dividing a complete main server and is a shared server with full and independent services similar to the main server.

VPS servers are suitable solutions for owners of large sites or that need special management and software, some individuals resort to these solutions because their personal sites need more resources than shared hosting.

Interacting with regular hosting is easier and simpler than dealing with a VPS server, as the shared hosting control panel is a simple part of the VPS server control panel. Also, shared hosting resources are more limited and have much less powers than the server. As for VPS servers, they bring you higher powers and a full ability to control the server and the sites hosted on it. And you need more experience in preparation and handling.

Yes, this is done with the technical support department, as soon as possible, so that your business will not be disrupted.

The prices do not include the price of a control panel license, and to add a license for a control panel, the license amount is added to the monthly invoice, depending on the sites hosted.

Usually, the VPS servers are delivered immediately and directly after receiving the payment through the site, but sometimes the server delivery requires you to enter from us if you find any wrong information or request to create it, verify with the requestor. If the request is not verified, the server will be delivered immediately.

Yes, all of our servers are fully managed, and the server is prepared and protected for free by a specialized team.

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