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برنامج نقاط البيع POS

The POS Software is one of the most important requirements of work in places that rely on quick sales.

Point of Sale

POS Software that mean that you have a first-class cashier program, as this program contains the best accounting and warehouse inventory program, the procurement program, the sales program and branch management, as it is considered a store accounting program that covers all their requirements as we cover all your requirements that you seek.

No matter where your field or activity is, we can create a suitable program for you that enhances your customers' confidence in you and increases your profits

POS system features

POS Programs

Super Market

Restaurants Accounting

Furniture Fairs



Beauty Center Management

Laboratory Management

Clothes Shops

Shoe Stores

Furniture Stores

Café Management

Construction Shops

Glasses Stores

Gift Shops

Tires and Batteries Store

Library Shops

Frequently Asked Questions

It makes your daily accounts synchronized with the system without any effort from you, as it is done automatically. This helps to monitor the facility from anywhere using any computer, mobile phone, or tablet device. It is also characterized by ease of use and getting quick bills at the exhibitions and works with the invoice printer and cashier devices.

It is programmed with the web technology. You can work through the company’s web servers to take advantage of the features and technologies of the web and continue work from anywhere or install on any device and work without relying on the Internet through a local server.

The price of the online version is paid once for lifetime use on one device only. The license is issued for it when installing the program from the company with free technical support through the Internet for a year, and the technical support subscription is renewed annually in case the customer wants to obtain online technical support Or the latest updates from the program.

The price of the online version of the program is paid once for lifetime use with the purchase of the annual hosting service, including the domain of your choice, and the service is optional to run the program anywhere and on any device connected to the Internet.

A computer with a modern web browser (Chrome or Firefox) and can work on the Windows, Linux or Apple operating system, preferably the random memory of at least 4 GB and a core i5 processor, and in the case of the operating system, it is allowed to work the latest versions of PHP 7. Windows should preferably be Windows 10 or the latest Windows 7 update

A computer connected to the Internet with a modern web browser (Chrome or Firefox) available and can work on any operating system.

Subscribers to the online version get updates for free during the period of their subscription to the program, the update to the online version is free during the first year and after the first year, the subscription to the updates service is at a small cost.

Yes, it is available to print the barcode of the item name, the price, the description of the item, and the company logo.

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