How to adding Park Domain in cPanel?

How to adding Park Domain in cPanel

How to add adding Park Domain in cPanel? What is meant here by the additional domain (Aliases) is to display the content of your main site through the additional domain, for example, the main domain is and the additional domain is When you request the additional domain, it will display the same content in the original site, which is

Note: Before adding a domain, you first need to update the DNS name server of your domain that you want to add to the primary domain name server.

For example:-

1- Log in to your cPanel account.
2- In the “DOMAINS” section, click on “Aliases”.

Adding Park Domain In CPanel-1

3- Under “Create a New Alias”, you must enter the name of the domain you want to host in the text field.

Adding Park Domain In CPanel-2

4- Click on the “Add Domain” button.

You should see a success message indicating that your domain was successfully hosted.

Adding Park Domain In CPanel-3

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