I want to have my own website online, how is that?

I want to have my own website online, how is that?

In order to have a website on the Internet, you need the domain name and space to host the website on the server where the domain name is installed.

This is provided by Iraq Serv, where we provide you with the domain name you want and a space to host the site for you to upload your website or forum files to.

Does Iraq Serv guarantee to protect my website from hacking?
Yes, Iraq Serv is committed to protecting your website from hackers and vandals, as long as your website password is not leaked to anyone and provided that all software or magazines installed on your website are secure.

Regarding the technical support that Iraq Serv offers for the sites and servers hosted with it, I want to know what is included in the technical support?
Iraq Serv offers support via a support ticket system, and we also offer free technical support for hosting so you can be sure that your web site is working properly without any technical or server related issues. For software problems that you install on your site such as forums and magazines, if they are caused by software errors in the software itself or the problem is not related to the hosting or server, you need to return to the company that produces this software for technical support.

What should I do when I need help?
If you need help, just open a new ticket and the Iraq Serv support team will get in touch with you .

For more inquiries about creating a web site, please contact us
You can contact us via the following numbers
from inside Iraq
from outside Iraq
(WhatsApp Viber available)

Or email us

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