What is the difference between Front and Back End?

What is the difference between Front and Back End?

I recently started learning about web development and the different stages in web design that you definitely want to know about Front-end and Back-end or maybe you are curious to further your knowledge of these topics in one of our most important articles for the day, because most people find it difficult to distinguish these Terminology in the field of website design and development about what these terms are and what they mean, and we will try to explain the difference between Front and Back end and clarify some points about these terms in a very simple way.

What is Front-End?

Front means the front end of the site or what the user sees directly through the Internet browser, that is, the side assigned to the user, and the programming of the interface includes designing everything the user sees of images, buttons, writing, colors, etc., and therefore the programmer’s task is to make the site more interactive with The buttons and menus that the site can contain, and the task of the specialist is to develop the part that the average user interacts with, in other words, it is a part related to the user interface, such as the shape, colors, buttons and settings that have been updated on the page!
That’s all about Front-End, therefore, interface programming focuses on ensuring that what it has designed professionally works and is vibrant and reactive.

What is Back-End?

Back-End means the part that is built to work on the link between the set of pages, data and different applications, in other words it is the part that is executed and read by the server and it is about verifying that the data is received correctly and sent to and from the browser surely this part of be invisible in The browser and its results appear in the main back-end programming by organizing it and making sure that everything works normally with the site visitors to be the front and back end of the site always in touch to exchange information and have a fully interactive website.
The specialist’s task lies in database engineering and the ability to use it in addition to the task of developing the program in addition to the ability to interact with the server to enable programmers to use the previous elements between them, so knowledge of databases such as MySQL and programming languages ​​such as PHP, and frameworks such as Laravel is required.

So what’s the difference?

  • Based on what we mentioned earlier, we can draw essential differences between the front-end and the back-end even though they are linked together to produce an integrated interactive web page, it can be said that the differences are as follows:
  • Front-End programming is linked to the web browser and everything sent to it.Everything related to the database and its storage is specifically related to back-end programming.The user does not see what is happening in the back-end of the site, but he can see everything that arises as a result of the front-end programming.
  • Back-End programming provides the interactive side of the site and makes it browsable.
  • The back-end cannot work with the look and feel of the site, but you need front-end languages ​​for this task.

You should also know the difference between the following terms:
Web Design Web Design
Front Development Front Development
Back Development Back End Development
Full Stack Front and Backend Developer Front+Back End
UI Design User Interface Design
UX Design User Experience Design
There is no difference between user interface design and user experience because they are two things that cannot be compared to each other.

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