What is WordPress? All you need to know about WordPress

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a system that helps you as a programmer in managing sites, managing sites in general and blogs in particular, as it was built by PHP and MSQL database and this system is open source and free, and it is classified as one of the most used digital content management systems CMS in the world.

How it works?

Today you can install the software on your hosting in just 5 minutes. After installation, you will log into your website using a web browser, then use a simple editor to create websites without learning any programming skills, and you can start by creating a website in a few steps.


  • Ease of blogging, uploading photos, writing articles, and formatting in a professional way.
  • The programming format makes it search engine friendly and easy to archive.
  • You can create a 100% free website.
  • Callouts supported in all languages of the world and open source, you can change them.
  • No experience required in dealing with the program.
  • Constant updates from the official website.
  • Organization system for membership and permissions between the team on the site.
  • Ease of changing the theme.
  • Free Plugins can help you develop better websites.

Not only these points, we have briefly outlined the advantages.

Use WordPress

A few years ago, it was basically just a tool for creating personal blogs, but nowadays, after developing the core code, massive plugins, graphics, and UI systems, you can create any type of website.
We’ll take a quick look at the most important content you can create with it:
Business website
eCommerce store Online store
Resume CVs
Social Media Network

Frequently Asked Questions About WordPress

Is WordPress free?

Yes, it is 100% free and you can download WordPress from the official website.

Does it support Arabic language?

Yes, the most important feature is the support for Arabic and more than 50 other languages.

Does it require any previous experience?

You may need to understand and understand the basic principles without having to learn or deal with the code entirely.

What is the way to install WordPress?

If you have any web hosting plan in our company, you can install the software with just one click.

How long do I need to learn WordPress?

In this article, it provides you with the basic principles of learning WordPress as more major points or a mastery stage, and the only way is to start building a site and apply all the information to it and constantly research any point that hinders the progress of your site.

Requirements to run the program

The latest version of PHP, most importantly 7.4.0 or higher. The latest version of MySQL database language is above 5.5.

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