What is shared hosting? – Advantages and disadvantages

What is shared hosting?

Whenever you decide to build your site and start the first step in booking the hosting that suits your site, you will find types of hosting plans that most hosting companies offer which is shared hosting which are the most popular types of hosting. Web hosting in short is a service that allows you to display and publish the content of your site on the web. The providers of these services host hosting companies where they have huge computers with huge specifications and high speeds connected to the Internet. These devices called servers are where the content of websites is called. Shared hosting is The most popular and most used type of hosting by most of the website owners being cheap with many tools needed to build websites, so this is the first choice for anyone who wants to start building a website.

What are the types of hosting?

There are two types of hosting depending on the operating system:

  • Linux hosting is the most used and most supported hosting, it supports websites running in PHP environment, it is more flexible due to ease of use, it is supported by cPanel control panel most used by hosting companies.
  • Windows hosting is used by government websites and is more expensive than Linux hosting. Its main control panel is Plesk, and links to websites running on Windows usually end in aspx.

What are the hosting plans?

Host companies divide their services into several plans. Each plan has specifications and has a set price. Among the most important specifications of the plan that must be taken into account when choosing a plan are the following:
Storage space: The amount of space available to the customer on the hard disk that will contain all the files and the contents of his site.
traffic: or what is called bandwidth, that is, the amount of data to and from the site through browsing.
Databases: The number of databases allowed to be created in the same plan.
mail accounts: The number of mail accounts hosted in the same plan.
Price: The company changes and competes here to offer the best price to win the largest customer base.
And other less important specifications.

How many domain names are available in the hosting?

Some hosts provide you with the ability to use one domain, that is, you can create one website on the hosting, and some other types give you the possibility to create many sites (more than one domain) in one hosting, which means that you can create one website on the hosting, and some other types give you The ability to create many websites (more than one domain) on one hosting.

The difference between domain names and hosting?

The domain is the website address, and without that address you would not be able to access the website exactly as browsers, operating systems and visitors understand it. You might say that I can use Google to connect to a specific site? But would Google search your site if it was without a domain!
As for hosting, it means what your site contains, I will not only say files, but also other things, whether they are viewable by visitors or not.

What are the boards available in hosting?

There are many panels used in the field of shared hosting, including free and paid, which consist of a graphical interface designed to simplify site management.
There are many hosting control panels, the most famous of which are:

1- cPanel
2- Plesk
3- DirectAdmin

CPanel is the most popular and easy to use shared hosting control panel that allows you to control all aspects of the site through its simple graphical interface. cPanel is a paid control panel provided by cPanel, which is designed for use by commercial web hosting services, so the company does not offer discount rates for personal use.

Advantages and disadvantages of shared hosting?

After stating the meaning of shared hosting, we will explain its advantages and disadvantages:

  • Advantages of shared hosting:
  • Free SSL certificates are provided with it to encrypt site data to prevent spying and data theft by any third party.
  • Cloudflare’s CDN (Content Delivery Network), which is used in more than 77 data centers around the world, can protect sites from malicious requests and spider attacks.
  • Protection from DDOS attacks.
  • Website owners do not need technical expertise to manage the server.
  • Saves you money because shared hosting is preferred for small and medium sites, where it is preferable to reserve a private server for large sites, but if you have a small or medium site, shared hosting is the best solution for you!

Disadvantages of shared hosting:
One factor that has a negative impact on the remaining sites is that all sites share the same server. This negative effect causes problems with site speed and security, as well as site operation, so when choosing a hosting company, choose one that provides features that reduce common hosting flaws, such as firewall and SSL certificates, as well as look for hosting that protects you from DDOS attacks. These features are only available in large companies, which means you don’t have to worry about the drawbacks of shared hosting!

Is Shared Hosting Helpful?

Of course it will help you! This is the easiest and cheapest way to launch your site, especially since it has many plans and prices with the ability to choose your domain for free, and allows you to choose the right plan for your site.


I hope the article is to raise awareness and not leave a bad impression about shared hosting, it is a good hosting and used by millions of users, famous sites deal with it, but you should choose a good hosting company that deals with it.
And you can get free assistance in choosing the best type of hosting for your site by contacting us.

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